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  • Hello,
    This is my newest video with all new photos.
    I love being on this Quarryhill Asian Botanical Garden alone and take photos.
    I have these special feelings which I will not reveal.
    I do wonder what Ernesto was going through when he wrote and played this incredible melody, Morir De Amor, Dying Of love.
    Enjoy, Anna.
    profile 12:29 AM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 12:17 AM View location
  • Hello again,
    I redid this video from non-HD to HD which is much nicer now.
    This is of o a music festival, played on private homes porches in Napa, California where the earth quake hit.
    In the downtown area of the small city of Napa, many businesses and homes, most of them renovated several years ago were partly destroyed :(
    Ernesto plays the beautiful melody 'El Dias Que Me Quieras'.
    Enjoy, Anna.
    profile 04:10 PM
  • Anna Cummings added a new video
    Santa Rosa, California View larger map
    videos 03:54 PM View location
  • Ernesto Cortazar hijo:permite que te felicite pues hoy se cumplen 100años del nacimiento de tu padre ese gran artista que yo adoro sus temas.Aqui en Argentina hay una gran fiesta en su honor.Dios lo tenga en la gloria y lo bendiga por siempre-Con mucho afecto Lucia Juana San Romé♥
    profile 05:23 PM
  • To my friends: Today, Tuesday August 26th upload this video to all my friends from YouTube, Google+, Facebook, Twitter and Ernesto Cortázar community. And especially the Italians as it is an honor for me to be your compatriota. Born in Napoles (Positano) is the last to go up until the birth of my grandson, I hope I understand THANK YOU! With Dedication and ... Special thanks to each and every one
    profile 09:40 AM
    Mar del Plata, Argentina View larger map
    videos 09:34 AM View location
  • Hello,
    Enjoy my newest video with the beautiful- and delicate piano music played by Ernesto Cortazar 'Amor Mio' from the album Boleros 111.
    profile 05:21 AM


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