Week's Album: 60 Years

60 Years - Ernesto Cortazar - Spotify60 Years is our Week's Album which includes 10 beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar and it's album hit "Sicilian Romance".

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This is 60 Years' melody list:

  • 60 Years - Thank you God, thank you for giving me on these "60 Years" of life, the chance to love and to be loved. For “Sending me an Angel” to which I will be in love forever and for the blessing of raising 4 beautiful souls that have filled my heart with happiness. Thank you for showing me the meaning of friendship and for all the moments I have shared with them. For these and for many more reasons I dedicate you this song. Thank you God, thank you.
  • Foolish Heart - Even I know she cannot be mine, I felt in love. "Foolish Heart", her love belongs to someone else and this will never change. Please stop this suffering, please forget about her.
  • Missing you - It is a rainy day. The sky is crying as my soul cries for you. I cannot forget you, it is beyond my control. I look up to the sky again looking for an answer, but it does not tell me how to stop “Missing You”. It is a rainy day.
  • My First Love - There she was, sitting on a bench with all her books at her side. Her beauty blinded me, that day I felt something different, something new. I asked her if I could invite her to have some coffee and she accepted. I remember the day I kissed her for the first time, that day I realized she was "My First Love".
  • Sicilian Romance - I composed this theme dedicated to that "Sicilian Romance" I had long time ago. Just listen to it an imagine the beautiful moment I had in my life.

60 Years aslo includes:

Week's Album: Faces of Nature

Faces Of Nature - Ernesto Cortazar - SpotifyFaces of Nature is our Week's Album which includes 10 beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar and it's album hit "A New Day".

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This is Faces of Nature's melody list:

  • Faces of Nature - It is beautiful to enjoy the simplest things in life, to admire all around us. How blessed we are, of being able to be witness of all the Faces of Nature.
  • Eagle's Flight - Feeling free is one of the greatest things we can experience, to be able of taking our own path, creating our own destiny. Go beyond mountains with our imagination and dreams, just like the Eagle's Flight.
  • To Become A Butterfly - Life, a path full of mysteries, surprises, emotions. A path we have to take since the day we are born. With time, we experience that metamorphosis that teach us how To Become a Butterfly and live free and shoe to others the beauty we have inside.
  • When The Ocean Sleeps - When The Ocean Sleeps, the wind caresses him creating small waves that bring tranquility and the moon lights those weaves giving them sparkles that hypnotize the night with their beauty. To share this view with the one you love is something to remember for life.
  • Dance Of A Hummingbird - There are many things that can make me stare for hours, but to see the Dance of a Hummingbird feeding from flowers, always busy, always so active, with that incredible grace and colors is something I would like to keep forever.

Faces of Nature aslo includes:

Week's Album: Masterpieces

Masterpieces - Ernesto Cortazar - SpotifyMasterpieces is our Week's Album which includes 9 beautiful melodies performed by Ernesto Cortazar and an amazing medley from one of Hollywood's classics "The Sound Of Music".

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This is Masterpieces' melody list:

  • My Heart Will Go On (Love Theme Titanic) - This beautiful theme captured the heart of people all around the world. It is an incredible masterpiece and one of the most requested songs in my concerts.
  • Time To Say Goodbye - Andrea Bochelli and Sarah Brightman made of this theme a classic and I feel very happy to perform it in this album, I hope you will enjoy it as much as I did.
  • The Sound Of Music (Medley) - The classical of classicals. Julie Andrews performs these songs as no one. This medley includes "The Sound of Music Theme" and "Do-Re-Mi" I really hope that you will enjoy my piano performance and will make honor to these themes.
  • Somewhere Over the Rainbow - My favorite movie, my favorite song. This theme has been requested by many of my fans for years and now I included it in this album for all of you.
  • It's Impossible - A Mexican jewel, a song that has reached millions of hearts with its delicate melody and has made many to fall in love. For me it is an Honor to perform this theme of my dear friend Armando Manzanero.

Masterpieces aslo includes:

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