Week's Album: Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra

Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra - Ernesto Cortazar - SpotifyErnesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra is our Week's Album which includes 12 beautiful melodies performed by Ernesto Cortazar and an amazing performance of "New York, New York".

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This is Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra melody list:

  • New York, New York - This song makes our hearts tremble with emotion each time we hear it. It is also the anthem for my son's favorite baseball team. He remembers that the year in which Frank Sinatra released this song, the Yankees lost the world series against the Dodgers. Fernando Valenzuela's first season and winning the title.
  • I Left My Heart In San Francisco - A beautiful song for a beautiful city. This particular tune brings me great memories of my youth traveling around the world and being asked to play this song.
  • As Time Goes By (Love Theme Casablanca) - Play it, Sam". With those words this song became one of the Hollywood Classics in Humphrey Bogart, Ingrid Bergman film "Casablanca". But not only this made "As time goes by" a classic, Frank Sinatra made it a jewel with his magnificent performance. A song that will last forever. I hope you will enjoy my performance.
  • Fly Me To The Moon (In Other Words) - One of Frank's Classics. Do I need to say more? I hope that you will enjoy my performance.?
  • I´ve Got You Under My Skin - Cole Porter's inspiration and Frank's voice merge on this song like no other. "I've got you under my skin" made us possible to enjoy both talents combined and will do the same for future generations.

Ernesto Cortazar Plays Frank Sinatra aslo includes:

Week's Album: Just For You

Just For You - Ernesto Cortazar - SpotifyJust For You is our Week's Album which includes 10 beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar and it's album hit "Beethoven's Silence".

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This is Just For You melody list:

  • Just For You - You brought all the good things I have in life... you brought love, happiness, dreams and the most important... inspiration. My love... all my music and my love it's "Just for You".
  • L'adieu - The time has come, now you have to leave, please don't say a word, just take your path and promise me that you will never cry, yes, this is the time for "L'adieu"
  • Beethoven's Silence - This theme is dedicated to one of the greatest composers of all time... I invite you to imagine his suffering, I invite you to listen "Beethoven's Silence"
  • River Of Dreams - We all have in the soul a "River of Dreams",that overflows every time somebody sails into it.
  • Judith - Sometimes life gives us moments of sadness and makes us feel lonely, but somewhere someone is always thinking of us. "Judith", this theme is dedicated to you and remember... our friendship will last forever. God bless you, Ernesto.

Just For You aslo includes:

Ernesto Cortazar reaches 15,000 Followers on Spotify

Ernesto Cortazar Reaches 15,000 Followers on SpotifyOn May 16th 2019, Ernesto Cortazar reached 15,000 followers on Spotify!

Many of Ernesto Cortazar's fans listen his music using different platforms over the internet or they prefer to purchase his CDs and play them at home, driving, etc. We invite you this time to try Spotify and have all Ernesto Cortazar's music collection available at any time, anywhere.

Become a follower of his music on Spotify and enjoy listening and sharing Ernesto Cortazar's music with your loved ones.

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You can also listen to his music on different playlists, we created one for you titled Ernesto Cortazar Official

"Beethoven's Silence" In Cannes Festival As Part Of The Film Litigante's Background Music

Beethoven's Silence Composed by Ernesto Cortazar in Cannes Festival 2019"Beethoven's Silence" by Ernesto Cortazar will sound in Cannes Festival 2019. This theme has been selected to be part in the sophomore feature film of Franco Lolli titled Litigante, produced by Sylvie Pialat and Benoîin.

Litigante will be the Opener in Cannes Festival Critics' Week on May 15th 2019. 

This news means so myuch for us, the Cortazar Family, Ernesto Cortazar´s dream came true with this theme being part of a featured film in this International Festival, for most, the most important in the whole world.

The complete information about Beethoven´s Silence and Litinante Film below:

Week's Album: Colors

Colors - Ernesto Cortazar - SpotifyColors is our Week's Album which includes 10 beautiful melodies composed by Ernesto Cortazar and it's album hit "One More Day".

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This is Colors' melody list:

  • Colors - Life is full of moments, experiences, places and persons that will touch us in so many different ways. As Colors combine, all these does the same making us unique.
  • Dreamer - I am a Dreamer. I like to fly imagining my life and what will make it happy, peaceful and in balance. We all can be dreamers not only for ourselves, but for being able to give others the same happiness we seek for us.
  • Just Another Day - Today I wake up and again, there you are. In each corner of the house, one each picture, on each sound. When will be the time when I will be able to live without you? I don't know, time will tell. For now it is Just Another Blue Day.
  • One Life, One Love - I looked for you all over. I started to think I will never find you. Then one day an old woman saw me seating on a door step and asked me why I was so sad. I told her I was looking for love and I had no luck so far. She told me. One Life, One Love. We all have this destiny and your will come. That day I stopped looking for you and when I least expected it, there were you and still here you are. We all have One Life, One Love.
  • Hidden Beauty - Please don't cover your eyes, let me look at them and see again that Hidden Beauty that made me fall in love with you.

Colors aslo includes: