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Today I invite you to watch my new video "Beto" on YouTube, hope you will enjoy it. Beto Video Release on Youtube - Composed by Ernesto Cortazar III

Beto, what an honor and joy to cross paths. I will never forget the day I met you. That day you not only opened your hart to me, you were expecting me for giving me one of your most valuable treasures. I will always remember your love for your lands, your cane which grew strong and healthy and for the place you were born; you even tried to enchant me with all these things so I would stay. Thank you for your love and the love you grew in me, thank you for your advice, for letting me be part of your family and most important, for loving me as your son. God bless you Beto, you are and will be always in my heart.



Beto Video on Youtube -

Storyteller album includes the following themes:

1 Empty Streets
2 Just Me
3 Storyteller
4 Field of Thorns
5 Keys of a Dream
6 Love In Silence
7 Beto
8 One Wish
9 Woman in White
10 A New Beginning

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